Backup and Recovery Testing Services from e Tech Solutions

A failure to test recovery on a regular basis can disguise the fact that backups themselves are not working properly.

Too many organizations relax when they have all their data backed up. Unfortunately, many fail to test their ability to recover the data. This is often the difference between success and failure after experiencing a disaster. Our testing services will check that all current backup processes are working and essential data is available in the event of an emergency.

Testing is Essential to Successful Recovery

While businesses are realizing how crucial it is to back up their valuable data and they invest significant time and resources into the backup strategy, they often overlook how essential recovery testing is to confirming the backup process is not flawed and can be relied upon during partial/full restores.

Testing Confirms Recovery Times

Again, companies focus on their backup plans and forget to ask a crucial question, “Exactly how long will it take to restore our entire server with access to critical applications and data?” We can provide confirmation that your recovery plan works as well as expected recovery times.

Backup & Recovery Testing Provides

  • Clear understanding of your backup performances
  • Estimated recovery times
  • Key strengths and weaknesses of your backup & recovery plan
  • Improvement suggestions

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