Importance of Battery Backups

Are you familiar with a UPS? Most people are aware of the importance of using a power strip to protect their computer from a power surge. 

A UPS (Uninterruptable Power Supply) not only offers more protection against power surges and outages, but also gives a user time to save their work before the computer shuts off.  

Why do you need a UPS?

Think of a UPS like a laptop battery. If a laptop is plugged into an electrical outlet and the electricity goes out, the laptop automatically switches to battery powerseamlessly. 

Losing unsaved work is a headache, and a hard shut down places stress on your computer hardware.

Choosing a UPS

Decide where you need a UPS. The most obvious place would be a desktop computer. However, utilize a UPS on any machine you'd like to stay online during a power outage. This could be a server, a backup storage device, and networking hardware such as cable modem and wireless router.

What kind of UPS do you need? e Tech can help you determine the size of UPS needed for each machine. We calculate the amount of power needed to give a user the time needed to continue working through a power outage or to save work and power down properly. However, please click here to read more on the subject.