Tips for Preventing Spam

Here are some steps to reduce the amount of spam you receive and to prevent malicious activity on your computer.

Take Precautions

  • Use a contact form on your website instead of listing a contact email address. 
  • Disguise your email address by writing it out such as "MYNAME AT GMAIL DOT COM" 
  • Hide your email address in an image file or with a mailto url (for a simple tool, click here

Think Before You Click

  • Never open, reply or forward an email that looks like spam. It is best to just delete the email or mark it as spam. 
  • Do NOT click on any link in the email. That includes the "Unsubscribe" link which informs the spammer that the email account is active.

Use Multiple Email Accounts

  • Try using a free, web-based email account (such as a Yahoo or Gmail) instead of your home or work email address for registration of online services, groups, or contests.  You could use the account as a "junk drawer" since many of these services/groups send news and updates that are often not wanted or may even sell your email address.

Utilize Tools

  • Label spam for what it is: JUNK. Many email programs allow you to mark emails as junk or move them to a junk folder.  This should stop the sender's future emails from reaching your inbox.