How To Protect Your Computer From Viruses

e Tech uses a security management system to scan and identify any potential threats for our Managed Services clients.  However, those programs can't always keep up if users are not aware of certain dangers.  In some cases, computers are so damaged they've had to be rebuilt.


Here are a few practices to keep your computer safe and running! 

Watch those emails


1. Don't open or respond to emails from suspicious senders.  


2. Never open an attachment in an email unless you are sure you understand what it is and why it's been sent to you.  Not sure, just delete.


3. Don't click on links in an email that you suspect is fake. 


Internet Browsing Tips


1. Keep browsers updated since old versions can have security problems.  Google's Chrome browser automatically updates to the latest version every time you start it up.

2. Change the settings of your browser to warn you about annoying and potentially dangerous threats to your security, like popups, spyware, and malicious add-ons.  For more detailed instructions on how to set up security settings, click here.

3. Check a website's security certificate before you enter any personal information and routinely review your credit card/bank statements.

4. Don't click on links within pop-up windows. Pop-up ads can install a spyware download or adware on your computer, putting your personal information at risk. To close the pop-up window, click on the "X" icon in the title bar instead of a "close" link within the window.

5. Choose "no" when asked unexpected questions - Be wary of unexpected dialog boxes asking whether you want to run a particular program or perform another type of task. Always select "no" or "cancel," or close the dialog box by clicking the "X" icon in the title bar.

6. Be wary of free downloadable software.  There are many sites that offer customized toolbars or other features that appeal to users.

When in doubt, call e Tech!  

Wondering if you should click on something, download a file, run a program?  A 5 minute phone call could save you hours of headache and loss of business.  Our support line is 405-608-4030.