Advantage Bank | Reference

Advantage Bank in Spencer, Oklahoma had already been utilizing e Tech Solutions for professional IT services when Michael Rogers was hired in 2003. That was over 8 years ago and Michael continues to rely on e Tech Solutions today. We’ve yet to encounter an issue which e Tech’s system engineers have not resolved. No matter how complex a problem, they are always able to +nd an answer. We have continued to work with e Tech Solutions over the last 8+ years because we’ve been very happy with their consistent performance as well as enjoying the working relationship with the system engineers. We know from experience, they are knowledgeable and have the ability to setup, con+gure, and +x whatever needs to be done. We pre-purchase hours because of the simple fact that we know we will use them. As the only IT employee for the bank, I rely on the systems engineers at e Tech Solutions to assist with a variety of projects including storage, data, and network management. The Block Hour Plan allows us to receive a discount on hours we anticipate needing instead of being charged the full hourly rate. SERVICE HIGHLIGHTS • Server Setup • Backup Recovery • Data Migration • Advance Printer Setups • Router Configurations • Complex Network Issues • Block Hour Plan