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Benefits of outsourcing your company's IT and Network Management? | OKC

Is your Small Business looking to Outsource IT needs in the Oklahoma City metro? Here are some of the benefits to a MSP.


Small businesses usually have a couple of options for IT support. Either they have someone in-house who also oversees many other job responsibilities outside of IT needs OR an IT professional they call when IT problems arise. Both options can cause a lack of support when the designated IT person is either busy doing other things or unavailable to come to your site right away. 

Outsourcing your IT needs to a Managed Services Provider (MSP) like e Tech gives you and your employees access to constant help desk support and system engineers who handle complicated network and hardware issues remotely or onsite.


Many companies operate on the break-fix philosophy where they address IT problems as they arise. However, only addressing problems when they arise could be creating bigger problems later on...especially if the IT personnel is only patching an issue instead of solving the root problem.

MSP's solve IT problems before they even start! That's right. With constant monitoring and maintenance that a MSP performs, less IT problems arise and when they do they are caught earlier and resolved quicker.


At this point, if you are the "IT Guy" at your company and yet your main job is something completely unrelated...then you are probably ready to call us right now. You may know some IT but not all and now you are searching for a company who can fill the gaps. That's where a MSP comes in. We can handle some or all of your IT needs. Our support technicians and systems engineers can become your IT team so you no longer feel your company's IT problems are on YOUR shoulders alone.

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Managed Services Testimony of Ted's Cafe Escondido | Oklahoma City

Here is what Ted's Cafe Escondido, headquartered in Oklahoma City has to say about our Managed Services program:

“e Tech’s Managed Services handles all install and maintenance of hardware, software and servers for the entire company. We decided to outsource our IT due to cost control and expertise. e Tech has been head and shoulders above other IT providers we’ve used. The biggest advantage of the program is value, no IT department needed, and the security. e Tech has consistently met our needs above and beyond my expectations.”

— Keith Miller, CFO for Ted's Cafe Escondido

Computer updates disrupting your work? | Oklahoma City

Updating Computers and Servers in Small Businesses

Updates, again?!

Are your employees complaining about computer and server updates running during the day when they are working? Let us manage your IT system updates and maintenance! Not only will your systems be running at top speed and better security but your employees will thank you for not interrupting their work. 

Not running updates?

If your company is not running regular maintenance and updates on your computers, servers, and other IT systems then you could be creating security risks. Allow e Tech to assess your IT network with our network evaluation. We can show you just what needs to be done to ensure your IT network is working properly and securely.