We Manage Your IT, So You Can Focus On Your Business

Small and medium sized businesses are faced with the reality that maintaining an operational IT environment is a necessity but is also costly, time-consuming, and complicated. e Tech Solutions offers Managed Services as a cost-effective solution to simplify your IT while giving you peace of mind.

Has your IT outgrown your abilities?

“e Tech’s Managed Services handles all install and maintenance of hardware, software and servers for the entire company. We decided to outsource our IT due to cost control and expertise. e Tech has been head and shoulders above other IT providers we’ve used. The biggest advantage of the program is value, no IT department needed, and the security. e Tech has consistently met our needs above and beyond my expectations.”
— Keith Miller, CFO for Ted's Cafe Escondido


Help Desk Outsourcing, CIO-as-a-Service, Network Management, Hosting Services

Managed Services basically means we become your IT department. We can oversee all or part of your organization’s technology including maintenance and monitoring. We take care of the hassles and headaches of IT, so you can take care of your customers and grow your business.



  • Lower Operating Costs
    Studies show Managed Services costs less than hiring a full-time IT employee. Businesses can also effectively budget their IT needs.

  • Access to Technical Knowledge and Expertise
    With Managed Services, businesses are provided with the resource of a complete IT department with diverse IT knowledge.

  • Increased Productivity
    Managed Services means IT systems are more reliable due to constant monitoring and regular maintenance.

  • Faster and Less-Costly Resolutions
    Breaks and failures occur less frequently with Managed Services and are caught quickly and resolved promptly.

    Clients have the assurance their IT will work when they need it and call anytime they have an issue


PC & Workstation Management - System Updates, Disc Clean Up, System Defragmentation, Log Review, Anti-Virus & Spy-ware Scan, Email & Message Continuity, Spam Filtering, Backups, Registry Tune Up & Clean Up, Desktop Support, PCI Compliance
Server Management - System Updates, Disc Clean Up, System Defragmentation, Log Review, Anti-virus & Spyware Scan, Backups, Hardware Monitoring, 24/7 Monitoring, Server Support, PCI Compliance
Firewall/Network Management - Firewall Configurations, System Updates, System Monitoring, Log Review, Firewall Support, Onsite Work, PCI Compliance


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